TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 35ml Travel size

TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 35ml Travel size

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Unrivalled Premium Quality & Multi-Functional Organic Coconut Oil

• Voted No.1 by UK Consumers for quality, taste and nutrition
100% pure, raw, organic, fairtrade, extra virgin, 1st cold pressed
Use as food supplement, for skin, hair, oral health or cooking
Absolutely delicious and delicate taste of fresh coconut
Suitable for paleo and keto diets
No GMO, cholesterol and trans fats
Vegan Society Approved
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Enjoy the wide-ranging health benefit and uses as well as the unrivalled great taste of our multi-award-winning TIANA® Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, number one for superior quality, purity and nutrition.
This is the only coconut oil on the market which is made from 100% guaranteed first cold-pressed coconut oil from selected fresh, organic, ripe coconuts without any heat used during the production process, unlike other coconut oils. With nothing added or taken away, it retains the natural purity, clarity, goodness and nutrient content of the coconut, making it the most nutritionally complete coconut oil on the market, and the perfect choice as part of a healthy, balanced diet to achieve optimum wellbeing.  It is a naturally saturated fat and is stable unlike other oils meaning it can be reheated without producing harmful free radicals, making it less prone to oxidation.

Multiple Benefits & Usages:
→ Delicious food supplement for energy and wellbeing that contains up to 75% of MCT
Preserve oral health, killing bacteria which can cause gum disease and cavities.
Ideal for use as an effective nourishing moisturiser for skin and hair
A high stability all-purpose coconut oil perfect for all cooking and baking
Recommended by health practitioners

Won 17 Awards on its own for best coconut product, winner of Great Taste Award 2018.
Food supplement: one tablespoon daily. Delicious in porridge, smoothies, nutritional drinks or eaten straight from the jar. Contains up to 75% MCT.

Oral care: can be used to stop tooth decay and preserve oral health, killing bacteria which can cause gum disease and cavities.

Skin and Hair Beauty: an excellent skin moisturiser with fatty acids that are native to the skin’s barrier layer to help keep skin nourished (and not solely soften as many other coconut oils). Also great as a conditioning treatment to repair dry or damaged hair.

Cooking and Baking: a high stability all-purpose coconut oil that is perfect for all cooking, baking, frying and roasting. All the benefits remain intact even after heating.

Discover the unrivalled benefits of TIANA® Coconut products

Storage: store at room temperature. If stored below 25°C coconut oil will solidify. At temperatures above 25°C oil will melt. This is a natural process and no goodness is lost in the transition.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Contains per 100g: Fat 100g of which saturated 94g / Carbohydrate 0g of which sugars 0g / Protein 0g / Salt 0g
Energy per 100g: 3700 kJ/900kcal


Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.

100% Natural: contains NO stimulants, GMO, chemicals, sulphates, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives or additives.
100% Free From:
• gluten, wheat, starch, yeast, nut, soya, dairy, lactose, egg and fish
added sugar or salt
cholesterol, trans fats and hydrogenated fat
palm oil.
Suitable if you
have coeliac disease, diabetes, digestion issues
follow a keto or paleo diet.

Best Quality… Ever

The degree of care we take guarantees that no coconut goodness is lost during production, handling or packaging, ensuring that TIANA® Fairtrade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  is of the best quality and purity retaining all its nutritious and natural antioxidant properties, its delicate taste, and the beautiful aroma of fresh coconuts.

It is first cold pressed from selected large organic coconuts without any heat used during the production. Premium quality, 100% raw and produced at an ISO 9001 accredited factory, with up to 20 quality control tests before raw material is delivered to the UK factory.

Why choose TIANA®?

TIANA® Fairtrade Organics is a trusted nutrition brand since 2006, specialising in premium superfoods, food supplements and beauty. Our products have won over 80 consumer awards for quality, taste, nutrition and product effectiveness. TIANA® has earned the prestigious Great Taste Producer Award.


TIANA® Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin 1st cold pressed Coconut Oil is available in recyclable glass jars and large formats.


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