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TIANA® Fairtrade Organics was created with the mission to enable everyone to have a healthier lifestyle and consume responsibly.
We live, breathe and are committed to

We started TIANA® Fairtrade Organics in 2006 with the true conviction that health could be improved with high-quality nutrition and products from sustainable agriculture.

Since then, TIANA® Fairtrade Organics has become an established brand and successful independent British family business, that has grown from a passion for coconut into a multi-award-winning, organic, fairtrade and sustainable trusted nutrition brand, renowned for its versatility, superior quality and exceptional taste across a wide range of healthy products and ingredients.

Specialising in free from range, vegan and vegetarian premium superfoods, drinks, food supplements and beauty, TIANA® only uses the purest, most powerful and best natural plant-based ingredients with the highest nutritional content to provide the most effective and sustainable products to its customers, and guarantee optimum health benefits.

Uncompromised Quality

We undergo extensive quality control tests at every stage of the production, and we produce at factories that are ISO 9001, ISO 9002, SALSA, HACCP and Organic accredited, guaranteeing highest quality standards.

Voted No.1 by Consumers

The only organic and fairtrade brand that has won over 80 official consumer awards for quality, taste, nutrition and product effectiveness.

Nature’s Purest Treasures

100% natural products and the highest-grade certified organic and fairtrade ingredients, free from allergens and without GMO, chemicals or any additives.

We are

100% Free From & Pure

TIANA® products are free from gluten, wheat, nut, dairy content, cholesterol, GMO, trans-fats and hydrogenated fat, being perfect for all types of healthy diets requirements. We are 100% transparent, everything is written on the labels. We do not use palm oil nor additives: no chemicals, preservatives or colourings added so all nutritional aspects are maintained for outstanding quality, effectiveness and great taste.

Vegan & Vegetarian

TIANA® products are plant-based, vegan or vegetarian and cruelty free. We never test any of our products on animals or involve any monkeys or any other animals in our process. TIANA® omega-3 are plant-based too, not from fish! We are Vegan Society Approved.


Our raw materials are sourced from organic agriculture and free from GMO to respect the environment and keep the full effectiveness of the nutrients. We are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.

Fairtrade & Sustainable

We are committed to the TIANA® Fairtrade Project which has helped over ten thousand farmers in the Philippines. We are committed to sustainable agriculture methods which ensure 100% traceability and reliable supply chain from the raw material to consumers. Our packaging is environmentally friendly, in glass or paper that are fully recyclable with a very low carbon footprint. When you buy TIANA® products you actively contribute to TIANA® Fairtrade project and sustainability ethos.

100% Highly Effective

We only use the best and purest ingredients from nature in the most powerful concentration available. All our products provide high level of active nutrients for exceptional nutritional and health benefits. TIANA® products are made using innovative bio-technological methods and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure a superior product which is kind and highly effective to your body, digestive system and the environment.

Expert in Science of Nutrition

TIANA® products have been expertly conceived and manufactured in the UK by our food nutrition specialist of over 20 years of experience in collaboration with experts from UK top universities, to ensure best quality, taste and nutritional benefits which have been recognised by over 80 consumer awards.

Our quality is recognised by more than 100 awards

TIANA® Fairtrade Organics is the only organic and fairtrade brand that has won over 100 official consumer awards for quality, taste, nutrition and product effectiveness. TIANA® coconut range has been voted UK’s No.1 by consumers.

All TIANA® products have received Great Taste Awards, making us the only brand to earn the prestigious Great Taste Producer Award in our domain.

Our extensive experience in the food and science nutrition puts us at the forefront of innovation to continue creating award-winning products. 

Abosolutely NO Monkeys are used to pick our coconuts!

All our coconuts are sourced from small coconut farming communities in the Philippines who are members of the TIANA Fair Trade Project. Coconut farms in the Philippines are all family run units limited in size by the government to 13.5 hectares and the families take great care of the coconut trees and never use monkeys on their farms.

At TIANA® Fairtrade Organics, we are green, socially responsible and sustainability is the heart of everything we do.

We support and act for:

The Environment

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Recyclable and reusable packaging
  • Plastic Free
  • Low carbon footprint

Animal Welfare

  • Cruelty free
  • Conservation of ecosystem
  • Respect of biodiversity
  • No animal tests or labour

Local Communities

  • Economic & education prosperity
  • Development of society
  • No slavery or illegal underage labour
  • TIANA® Fairtrade Project
An Effective Way to Support the Developing World

Coconut is a major industry of the Philippines: it could be claimed that the coconut tree is the most useful plant on earth because it has more uses than any other trees in the world. The coconut tree is considered a “three-generation-tree”: supporting a farmer, his children and his grandchildren. That is why the coconut tree is often referred to as the "tree of life".

However, coconut farmers are regarded among the poorest in the country due the coconut trade monopoly where traders control prices leaving farmers with very little profit. Since the introduction of Fairtrade, this has proved to be an effective way to support farmers by providing them with a better deal by excluding traders from the supply chain.

Started at the end of 2009 when multiple typhoons badly hit the Philippines and coconut farmers lost their homes and almost all their income, TIANA® Fairtrade Project guarantees a fair price for coconuts and fair wage for coconut farmers. It has already helped thousands of communities with improvements in healthcare, education and infrastructure.

TIANA® is also engaged in a program to protect the environment by purchase seedlings and replant coconut trees in Southern Luzon, which will also secure a permanent source of income for coconut farmers.

TIANA® Fairtrade Organics raw materials are sourced from organic agriculture and are free from GMO to respect the environment and keep the full effectiveness of the nutrients.

When you consume TIANA® Fairtrade Organics products, you get a double benefit: Fairtrade and Organic certified products. TIANA® premium coconut products are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association (UK) and Ecocert SA within EU.

Expert in Free From Range

We are specialised in free from range with no allergens guaranteed and no cross contamination.

TIANA® Fairtrade Organics products are free from the following:
  • gluten, wheat, starch, yeast, nut, soya
  • dairy, lactose, egg, fish
  • GMO, chemicals, sulphates, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives and additives
  • added sugar or salt
  • cholesterol, trans-fats and hydrogenated fat
  • palm oil
  • all allergens.
Only the best natural nutritive qualities are kept so ‘Nature’s Purest Treasures and Benefits’ remain intact.

TIANA® products are raw as they are produced and packed at temperatures below 40 degrees.

This makes TIANA® products perfect for special healthy diets or diets related to health issues:
  • keto, paleo, raw, vegetarian and vegan
  • coeliac disease, diabetes, digestion
TIANA® Fairtrade Organics is green and cruelty free.TIANA® Fairtrade Organics products are free from the following:
  • Completely sustainable process: seeding, harvesting, transportation, manufacturing and testing.
  • We use vegan and vegetarian ingredients, meaning that that we don’t contribute to carbon emissions through animal farming and respect animal welfare and the environment. We never test any of our products on animals or use monkeys in our process.
  • TIANA® omega-3 present in TIANA® oil, cooking butter, spread and food supplements is plant-based vegan.
  • TIANA® raw therapeutic honey is produced in high respect of the nature following ruthless environmental regulations.
TIANA® Fairtrade Organics is Vegan and Vegetarian Approved.

The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks (the most long-standing and well-established trademark of its type) are only licensed to products that meet their strict criteria. This isn’t done on a self-certification basis. The trademark accreditation involves independent ingredient and production method checking by experts at the Vegetarian Society.

Any product displaying the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan trademark has met these criteria:
  • Free from animal-derived ingredients
  • No cross-contamination during production
  • GMO free
  • No animal testing carried out or commissioned.

If you have questions about these certifications and accreditations, or allergy concerns, please contact our Customer Service team at enquiries@tiana.eu for more detailed information.