Omega-3 Coconut Butter

TIANA Omega-3 Coconut Butter

TIANA Fairtrade Organics Superfood Omega 3 Organic Virgin Coconut Butter

Make your meals healthier!

Improve the taste and nutritional content of your favourite recipes! No distractive coconut aroma or taste!

Unrefined, unfermented, and non-hydrogenated TIANA Omega-3 Organic Virgin Coconut Butter

Enriched with vegan omega 3 organic hempseed oil that has been produced using the latest technology,

Transform the way you cook and enhance the taste of your favourite dishes with TIANA Fairtrade Organics Omega-3 Virgin Coconut Cooking Butter

Award Winning TIANA Omega-3 Virgin Coconut Butter Benefits

  • All the benefits of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
  • Premium quality Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil additionally processed without chemicals to remove coconut taste and coconut aroma.
  • Organic and Fairtrade Virgin Coconut Oil that is 100% pure and unflavoured enriched with Omega 3 Organic Hempseed Oil
  • The excellence of cooking, coconut oil has never tasted so good!
  • Heat resistance to high temperatures without burring.
  • An ideal substitute for cooking oils, margarine, or goose fat
  • Excellent for spreading as dairy-free alternative to butter.

Very economical, not absorbed into food unlike other oils.

  • Unrefined, No Cholesterol, No Trans-Fat
  • Gluten Free, Dairy free, no GMO, No Additives, No Preservatives
  • Suitable for Vegetarian and Vigan Diets

Make your diet healthier and delicious!

TIANA Omega 3 Organic Virgin Coconut Butter is a unique solution for healthy and safe cooking. Cholesterol and trans-fat free. It has no coconut taste or aroma and 100% vegan.

This innovative formulation of organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic omega 3 hempseed oil has superb heat resistance guaranteeing no burning effect for frying.

The amount of organic hempseed oil (as per the E.U. regulation on nutritional claims) is sufficient to regard the product as healthy omega 3 butter.

Ideal for low fat cooking, use only a small amount for cooking curries, stir frying or roasting. It is a wonderful substitute for all cooking oil, margarines, or goose fat, once tried you will be convinced.


Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Will be as a liquid above 29-degree C.

Prepare and use.

For all cooking and baking, perfect for deep frying as it does not alter the taste of food.


Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (99.4%) and Organic High Omega 3 hempseed oil

Dietary and lifestyle

Organic, No cholesterol, No trans-fat, No GM ingredients, No artificial colours or flavours, No preservatives, No added sugar, sweeteners or salt, No gluten, No wheat, No starch, No milk, No lactose, No soya, No yeast, No fish

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Recycling packaging: Glass jar

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