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Boosts Energy, Endurance and Enhance Athletic Performance with TIANA Fairtrade Organics 100% MCT Oil

The Purest and Most Powerful Energy Supplement!


Studies suggest there has been a bigger increase in physical activities in the UK than ever before. More people are joining the gym, playing sports, and doing regular exercises at home. Being active is especially important for your health and wellbeing, however, being regularly active can use up more energy so adding the right type of nutrients to your diet is the key.

Athletes have a greater requirement for energy supplements and glucose is the main fuel for providing muscular energy. It is important to avoid glucose depletion but sustaining carbohydrate sufficiency is problematic, unlike protein or fat, people have a limited storage capacity for carbohydrate.

What athletes should do to get more energy and greater endurance for reaching glory!

 TIANA Fairtrade Organics 100% MCT Oil is an easy way to get more energy and greater endurance.

For athletes who find it difficult to consume enough total energy, consumption of 2 to 3 tablespoons of TIANA 100% Medium Chain Triglycerides for single dose proved to be beneficial. When your body uses ketones as its main source of fuel instead of glucose from carbohydrates, it can enter and remain in a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body burns more fat and ketones than glucose. When a person is in nutritional ketosis, levels of ketones are elevated to therapeutic levels.

There are a few types of MCT Oils available on the market containing only Capric (C8) or/and Caprylic (C10) acids, which claim to give a quicker and higher peak in ketosis, but this effect is short-lived, and ketosis lasts only 3 hours. Other brands lead to believe that Capric (C8) acid is the best option but, would require consumption of an excessive amount of MCT Oil to raise ketone levels as you would need to take MCT Oil (C8) every three hours or so, day and night, which is not advisable.

TIANA Fairtrade Organics 100% MCT Oil contains full profile of essential fatty acids for a balanced energy intake.

Boosts energy up to 4 times longer than other MCT oils.


Why is TIANA Fairtrade Organics 100% MCT Oils is Superior for Sports Nutrition?

Unravelled Premium Quality and Purity

The quality and purity of MCT Oils depends on quality of raw material. TIANA 100% MCT Oil is certified organic and extracted from premium quality organic extra virgin coconut oil. Almost all MCT Oils are extracted from refined coconut oil, palm oil or a mixture of those two oils.

High Strength: The effectiveness of MCT Oil depends on complete removal long chain fatty acids.

TIANA MCT Oil is 100% MCT Oil with 0% long chain fatty acids, unlike other brands containing 60%-93% MCT’s as well as long chain fatty acids.

Long Lasting: Boosts Energy 4 x Longer than other MCT Oils

TIANA Fairtrade Organics MCT Oil contains all four essential fatty acids (C6, C8, C10, C12) to ensure energy is enhanced up to four times longer than other MCT oils.

TIANA 100% MCT Oil contains C10 and C12 fatty acids that fight yeast and bacterial glowth.

Keto Weight Loss.

TIANA 100% MCT Oil supports Keto Diets and Weight loss. Research shows that instead of just being a source of energy, MCT’s Energy helps to control blood sugar, increase metabolism thus losing weight.

Metabolic Functional Properties.

MCT’s are easier digested than longer-chain fatty acids found in other MCT Oil brands.  

Medium Chain Triglycerides make you feel fuller for longer, don’t get stored as fat, have fewer calories, and boost your metabolism through their thermogenic effect.

Ideal for Optimum Sports Nutrition. Use as part of a healthy and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Perfect for a ketogenic diet with high fat and low carb intake, paleo, and vegan diets.

MCT could reduce lactate build-up in athletes and help use fat for energy.

Odourless and Unflavoured.

Boost your Ketosis and mix TIANA 100% MCT in shakes, coffee, smoothies, juices, yogurts and other food and drinks.

Free from Allegens

Non-GMO, No Palm Oil, No RBD Coconut Oil and Non-Hydrogenated.

Sustainable and Packed in Glass Bottles

Highest Standards Certification:

Organic Certified. Produced in Great Britain to Good Manufacturing Practice standards of quality control.


Not to be taken on an empty stomach.

High doses could lead to fat builup in the liver.

Not suitable for cooking.


More information about TIANA Fairtrade Organics Omega-3 MCT Oil

Multi-Award winning voted the Best Natural Food Supplement for Sports Nutrition


Deliver Great Results with TIANA® Natural Sports Nutrition Solutions


Sports Nutrition Formulated for High Intensity Exercise, Hydration and Recovery

  The Ultimate Energy Source Total Hydration Immune System
  TIANA® 100% Pure MCT Oil TIANA® Raw Coconut Water TIANA® Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
Active Ingredients 100% Pure MCTs with 4 essential fatty acids (C6, C8, C10 and C12) 100% pure raw unpasteurised naturally isotonic water, rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium Up to 75% Pure MCTs raw pure 1st cold pressed coconut oil with highest content of lauric, capric and caprylic acid
Benefits Energy is boosted up to 4 times longer than MCT oil with only C8
Fast absorption and energy boost
Overcome fatigue
Free from cholesterol and trans fat
Suitable for Keto and Paleo diets
Gain vital nutrients lost through vigorous exercise
Fast absorption of essential electrolytes and natural source of vitamins and minerals
Hydrates faster than water
Low in calories, no added sugar and low acidity
Energy Booster
Powerful for preventing colds, flu and other viruses
Fast absorption
Free from cholesterol and trans fat
Suitable for Keto and Paleo diets
Best for Before and During High Intensity Exercise During and After Exercising After Exercising




TIANA Pure Raw Coconut Water is the Best for Sports Nutrition

TIANA Pure Raw Coconut water is a superior sports drink that is high in electrolytes and low acidity therefore is highly effective for rehydration.

The loss of a small percentage of water can have a significant impact on your health. If you have dry skin, chapped lips, frequent headaches, fatigue and dizziness when standing you may have mild dehydration. Chronic dehydration increases the risk of health problems and the simple solution is to get into habit of drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

What makes coconut water better for rehydration than water? When water exits the body, it takes along with-it electrolytes (ionic mineral content) such as sodium or potassium, which can quickly deplete the body’s electrolytes. Dehydration involves both, the loss of water and electrolytes. 

Coconut water is beneficial for rehydration because it provides total hydration for health-conscious, fitness focused people and athletes, who as a result of heavy prolonged exercise can have severe dehydration.

It is very difficult to avoid dehydration during a long race or when working out in the heat. Drinking a litre of water can cause discomfort or bloating and to replenish lost water you must also replenish lost electrolytes. Coconut water provides you with all the lost electrolytes!

TIANA Pure Raw Coconut Water is a natural energy drink and provides a source of ionic trace minerals that are essential for hydration and sports nutrition

TIANA Pure Raw Coconut water contains only naturally occurring sugar without any sugar added and therefore much lower in calories compared to many other sugar-based sports drinks available. It is beneficial because of low acidity. Soft and other prepared sports drinks are quite acidic making them potentially irritating to the stomach lining. 

The World’s Premier TIANA Pure Raw Coconut Water from fresh green coconuts is great to drink daily as a refreshing juice after sports or working out.

Most commercial sports drinks are little more than sugar water and salt with added chemical colourings and preservatives.

TIANA Pure Raw Coconut Water is Nature’s best sports drink for athletes, fitness focused and health-conscious people that enhance the mind and body performance.

TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the Best for Sports Nutrition

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