I’m new, how do I order?

A: Welcome! All the products you see are available to buy online. Simply click on the product you wish to buy, select the quantity required and click ‘add to cart’. You can then go back and add additional items to your cart or ‘proceed to checkout’. Please note you will need your credit, debit or charge card details, including the billing address (the address to where the card bills and statements are sent). For details please read our Terms & Conditions.

What cards do you accept?

A: We accept the following major Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Maestro.

What currency do you use?

A: All our prices are in UK Pound Sterling (GBP). We accept payments in UK Pound Sterling (GBP).

Can I pay by any other method?

A: We accept payment by Credit Card, Charge Card or Debit card or PayPal. We also accept payment by cheques or postal orders.

Is it safe to order online?

Yes, we use secure, reliable credit card transaction processing through Sage Pay. It is 100% safe as it utilises industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and other critically sensitive information like your credit card details. Information passed between your computer and our website cannot be read in the event someone else intercepts it. This technology includes the following features:

  • Authentication: this assures your browser that your data is being sent to the correct computer server, and that the server is secure.
  • Encryption: this encodes the data, so that it cannot be read by anyone other than the secure server.
  • Data Integrity: this checks the data being transferred to ensure it has not been altered.

When will I be charged?

A: When you reach the final billing page and press ‘Place Order’ we will immediately contact your bank/card issuer for authorisation to take payment from your account. If the payment is authorised, you will then receive an e-mail within a few minutes confirming your order. Payment will be taken from your account shortly afterwards. If payment is authorised but we have a query with your order, an e-mail will be sent to you to advise you of the nature of the query. If we are unable to resolve the query for any reason and cannot dispatch your order, a full refund will be issued back to your card. If the payment is not authorised by your bank or card issuer, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes.

Do you have a catalogue or brochures about the products?

A: We enclose our company leaflet with full information about our products with your order if requested. TIANA® Fairtrade Organics Ltd will provide you with additional product information on your request, please contact us with your query by e-mail at info@tiana.eu

Do you have shops?

A: No, we do not have our own shops, but we supply our products to health food stores, supermarkets, wholesales, the catering sector and the food production industry. As per our customers numerous requests we have open our online shop so that we can deliver our TIANA® products to most countries. If you still wish to go to a store, please find your nearest retailer here.

Can I contact you by phone?

A: We prefer you to contact us via e-mail. This enables us to respond to all your queries quickly and efficiently. However, if you don’t have an email account you can contact us on the number below. Contact us on 0208 427 1695 to place orders over the telephone.

Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible for consumers to pick up orders from our warehouse.

Do you deliver to my country?

A: We deliver to most major destinations, including all of Europe and USA. We will make all efforts to arrange delivery as requested. Please contact our customer service to find out if we deliver to you at info@tiana.eu

Do I have to pay import charges?

A: Any customs or import duties are levied once the package reaches its destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local customs office for further information.

Which courier company do you use?

A: We use FedEx, Royal Mail and other international and national couriers for deliveries within the UK, Europe and Rest of World.

When will my order be delivered?

A: We aim to deliver Standard Delivery orders within 3-5 working days. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for Standard Delivery orders. If you require your order to arrive on a specific date, we suggest you contact our Customer Service at info@tiana.eu requesting Next Working Day service which we can provide at extra charge.

What if I am at work or not in when the courier tries to deliver?

A: If you are out when the courier arrives, he will leave a card with information on your parcel where or when you can collect your parcel. On your request, the courier will attempt to leave your parcel with a neighbour at your own risks.

Can I change my order?

A: If your order has not yet been dispatched then it may be possible to amend it. Please note that we can only: cancel product from your order or cancel your entire order and change delivery details. Unfortunately, once submitted it is not possible for us to add products to your order. To change your order please contact our Customer Service at info@tiana.eu with your Order Reference Number and include details of the amendment(s) required. Our Customer Service will then reply to your e-mail to either confirm that the amendment has been processed, or to advise if it has not been possible to amend the order for any reason. If your order status has been dispatched, no order amendments are possible. You will need to return the order to us at your expense.

Can I cancel my order?

A: You can cancel your order purchased from TIANA® Fairtrade Organics, for a full refund. Please note that your cancellation can only be accepted prior to dispatch. In order to cancel order after your order has been dispatched you will need to follow our Returns Procedure. Please read the Shipping & Returns section.

Where is my order?

A: We aim to deliver Standard Delivery orders within 3-5 working days. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for Standard Delivery orders. If you require your order to arrive on a specific date, we suggest you contact our Customer Service at info@tiana.eu requesting Next Working Day service which we can provide on your request at extra charge.

Can you confirm you've received my return?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot confirm when we have received your return. We do recommend though, that you send your return by a secure postage method, such as recorded delivery. This way you will be able to trace your delivery through the carrier that you used. Please note that we usually process a refund or exchange within 5 working days of receipt of your return. At this point we will email you confirmation of a refund or send you your replacement. Please therefore contact us only after 5 working days have passed since we received your return. If it has been more than 5 working days since we received your return, please contact our Customer Service at info@tiana.eu. Please read the Shipping & Returns section.

My order is a gift for someone. Can I add a message to it?

A: Unfortunately, this is not a service that we provide currently. If you are ordering for delivery to an address other than the billing address, as is often the case with gifts, the invoice will be sent to the billing address so if the order is a gift the recipient will not see how much was spent on the order.

You haven't replied to my query

A: It is our policy to endeavour to respond to all customer enquiries within one working day. Sometimes our responses are rejected by your email provider for what could be several reasons (they are viewed as junk mail, your mailbox is full, etc), or the email we have sent you could be delayed by general internet traffic. If you have not received a reply from our Customer Service team within 2 working days, please contact our Customer Service stating your secondary email address or a family member's or trusted friend's email address. Please include your Name, registered TIANA® email address, order number (if applicable) and original query. Please also state that your original query was not replied to and we will investigate this on your behalf.


How can I be sure of the quality of your products?

A: TIANA® Fairtrade Organics is unrivalled, offering products with the highest quality and nutritional benefits available. Our raw materials are produced at factories that are ISO 9001, ISO 9002, SALSA, HACCP and Organic accredited, guaranteeing highest quality standards. Being a direct importer, we have full traceability of all our raw materials which undergo extensive quality control tests at every stage of production. TIANA® Fairtrade Organics is an established brand since 2006, and we are the only organic and fairtrade brand that has won over 80 official consumer awards for quality, taste, nutrition and product effectiveness. All TIANA® products have received Great Taste Awards, making us the only brand to earn the prestigious Great Taste Producer Award in our domain. TIANA® coconut range has been voted UK’s No.1 by consumers.

Are any children or animals involved or impacted within the coconut raising and harvesting process?

A: Absolutely NOT. The TIANA® Fairtrade project, which exists since 2009, ensures that absolutely no illegal underage labour is involved in product, not the use of monkeys or any other animals at any point in the process. Discover more here.

Do your products contain GMO?

A: No, all our products are non-GMO.

Are your products vegan?

A: Our products are vegan except our organic raw active honey.

Are your products vegetarian?

A: Yes, all our products are vegetarian.

Are your products gluten-free? I have celiac disease / severe gluten intolerance. Can I use your products?

A: Yes, all our products are naturally gluten-free.

Do your products contain dairy, nut or soya?

A: No, all our products are dairy, nut and soya-free.

Do your products contain sulphites?

A: No, our products do not contain sulphites.

Do you use preservatives?

A: No, we don’t use any preservatives, chemicals, sulphates, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives nor additives in any of our products.

I am allergic to nuts? How can I be sure there is no traces of nuts in your products?

A: Coconut is a fruit, not a nut. Our coconut products are produced at a factory that only processes coconut products, therefore there is no risk of cross contamination.

I have cholesterol. Can I use your products?

A: All our products are free from cholesterol, hydrogenated fat and trans-fat. You can consume them if you have cholesterol. TIANA® High Strength 100% MCT with Omega-3 food supplement contains Omega-3 ALA. 2 g every day contribute to lower cholesterol level.

Is your packaging recyclable?

A: All our consumer retail packaging is environmentally friendly, in glass or paper and are fully recyclable with a very low carbon footprint.

My coconut oil / butter went from liquid to solid (or vice versa). Is it still good to eat?

A: Store your coconut oils and butters at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Oils: If stored below 25°C coconut oil will solidify. At temperatures above 25°C oil will melt. Odourless butters: At temperature above 29°C, butters will liquefy. This is a natural process and no goodness is lost in the transition.

My Omega-3 Spreadable Butter went from solid to liquid. How can I still use it?

A: Optimal storage temperature for TIANA® Fairtrade Organics Omega-3 Spreadable Butter is 14°- 20°C. If the room temperature is above 20°C, keep refrigerated.

My Coconut Goodness has a discolouration. Is it still good to eat?

A: Our TIANA® Fairtrade Organics Coconut Goodness is 100% pure raw organic coconut flesh. The discolouration that may occur is only the fibre of the flesh that has separated from the white flesh as it has a different density. If you gently warm the jar in a pan of hot water (not boiling) and then stir it, the content will become smooth with even consistency and colour. It's perfectly good to eat and this is just a natural reaction, no goodness is lost in the transition.

Are your food supplements natural?

A: TIANA® food supplements range is 100% natural with no additives or chemicals added.

What is MCT?

A: MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides is the active ingredient that is converted in the liver to ketones, which can be used as a powerful alternative source of energy in place of glucose without the insulin requirement. It therefore can help people with diabetes to prevent complications. TIANA® High Strength MCT Energy is unique as it contains 100% MCT to boost energy up to 12 hours, and all essential fatty acids (C6, C8, C10, C12) unlike other MCTs containing fewer fatty acids.

Are your omega-3 from fish oil?

A: TIANA® Fairtrade Organics Omega-3 are 100% plant-base vegan and not from fish oil.

Is Coconut Oil good for dogs or other pets?

A: TIANA Fairtrade Organics Coconut Therapy®, our Coconut Oil Omega-3 supplement for pets, contains high quality organic coconut oil and vegan omega-3, and has been specifically formulated for our lovely friends. 

It does not contain fish oil unlike oils from other brands. It is important for your pet’s health that plant-based Omega 3 Fatty Acids contain ALA (Alfa-Linolenic Acid) and does NOT have EPA and DHA contained in fish oil. Pets that are fed with excessive amounts of EPA and DHA from fish oil would tend to suffer from higher blood loss when injured or afflicted by conditions that cause bleeding. Feed your pet with Tiana Coconut Therapy® knowing that it is formulated as a premium complementary pet food that is ideal for your pet’s diet and wellbeing. Remember pet supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If your pet is taking any medication or is under medical supervision consult your vet before use.