How could you live better with Diabetes?

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Date of posting: 10 November 2019
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Glucose is the primary fuel for our cells, with insulin required to allow glucose to be transported to the body and brain cells for energy and growth. But due to insulin deficiency (Diabetes 1) or insulin resistance (Diabetes 2), glucose cannot be transported to the cells in enough quantity.

As a result, you tend to have lower energy levels, consequently a lower metabolism and often feeling weak and tired. MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is the active ingredient that is converted in the liver to ketones, which can be used as a powerful and natural alternative source of energy in place of glucose without the insulin requirement to help manage your diabetes.

“Ketones are the most effective fuel you could have.”

Kieran Clarke, PhD Professor of Physiological Biochemistry at the University of Oxford, England

The innovative Science of Nutrition® vegan range from TIANA®, the multi-award-winning and trusted nutrition brand has been expertly formulated to provide the right natural food supplements to help manage diabetes effectively.


Boost Your Energy

with TIANA® High Strength 100% Pure MCT Energy

  • Metabolism booster
  • Overcome tiredness and fatigue
  • Rapidly increase energy levels

“TIANA MCT has totally altered my life for the better! Energy levels unbelievable! Thank you so much!”

Amy, 44 years old, diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 3 years ago.

Manage Your Cholesterol

with TIANA® High Strength 100% MCT Energy with Omega-3:

  • Double action formula
  • Energy and metabolism booster
  • Daily dose of 2g of Omega-3 ALA to lower cholesterol levels

‘‘TIANA MCT with omega-3 is a fantastic vegan supplement which I recommend to my clients.”

Sarah Flower, nutritionist specialising in Weight Management & Type 2 Diabetes.

Energy is boosted up to 4 times longer than MCT oil with only C8

Not all MCT are created equal. There are MCT oils containing only Capric (C8) and/or Caprylic (C10) acids,

which claim to give a quicker and higher peak in ketosis. This effect is short-lived, and ketosis lasts only 3 hours and would require consumption of an excessive amounts of MCT oil which can be detrimental to health

instead of beneficial.

TIANA® 100% MCT is unique. The purest MCT, produced from Premium Organic Raw Extra Virgin First Cold

Pressed Coconut Oil (and not from refined coconut or palm oils) and most powerful containing all 4 essential fatty acids (C6, C8, C10 and C12) for a balanced energy intake.


Visual of VEGAN AWARD to include

The only vegan natural food supplement to activate your memory

  • Contains Memory Activation Complex™ and powerful bioactive nutrients
  • Enhances cognitive ability by reducing oxidative stress
  • Sharpens the mind, improves attention, focus and concentration
  • Effective liquid formulation with direct absorption of nutrients
  • Daily requirements of omega-3 DHA and vitamin D3
  • Ideal for all adults as part of a healthy balanced diet
  • Beneficial for people with diabetes.

‘‘I now focus better, my mind is sharper, and my memory recall appears to have improved as well. I wished TIANA Memory Oil would have been available earlier and I now recommend it to all my entourage.”

John, 56 years old, is suffering from Diabetes since his childhood.