At TIANA® Fairtrade Organics, we only use nature’s purest treasures with high level of active nutrients and exceptional nutritional and health benefits.


virgin coconut oil

TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Is Unrivalled In Quality, Taste & Nutrition

Discover Unrivalled Coconut Nutrition for your wellbeing
What makes TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil so unique?

The World’s Premier TIANA Fairtrade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil a real superfood and is healthiest cooking oil that is why TIANA was voted no.1 by consumers.

Premium quality, produced at an ISO 9001 accredited factory, with up to 20 quality control tests before the product ships to the UK.
100% guaranteed first cold-pressed coconut oil from selected organic ripe coconuts without any heat during the production cycle, unlike other virgin coconut oils. 100% raw, pure, with delicious fresh coconut taste and delicate aroma.

With the highest content of essential fatty acids -
the difference is the nutritional content of TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a food supplement, which has the highest content up to 75% of Medium Chain Triglycerides. It has a delicious fresh coconut taste and aroma and contains the highest content up to 57% of Lauric Acid which helps to prevent colds, flu and other viruses or diseases and recommended by health practitioners.

Cooking and baking - a high stability all-purpose coconut oil. TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the highest stability cooking oil. Excellent for all cooking and baking. Ideal for making nutritional drinks and smoothies.

Beauty - an excellent moisturiser with fatty acids that are native to the skin’s barrier layer. Helps keep your skin not only soft and smooth, but also nourishing with antioxidants and vitamin E. Use as your daily moisturiser or body oil. Also great for use as a conditioning treatment to repair dry, damaged hair.

Coconut oil pulling - TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the best to be used for oral health. Due to the highest content of Lauric Acid it is the most powerful product for oil pulling. Oil pulling therapy is a natural form of oral cleansing and detoxification instead of antibacterial mouthwashes.

Coconut oil pulling isn’t just for the mouth but affects the health of the entire body. Adding oil pulling to your regular oral hygiene routine could not only protect you from a multitude of health issues but improve or completely remove many of them.

Multi-functional product for Health, Wellbeing, Cooking and Beauty. Cholesterol and Trans-Fat Free. Free from Dairy, Gluten and Nuts. Vegan and Vegetarian. Perfect for keto and paleo diets. Ideal for your wellbeing as a part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

The degree of care we take ensures that no coconut goodness is lost during production, handling or packaging – ensuring that TIANA Fairtrade Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Coconut oil is of the finest quality and clarity; retaining all of its nutritious and natural antioxidant properties, its delicate taste, and the gorgeous aroma of fresh coconuts.

TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is unrivalled in quality, taste, nutrition and product effectiveness standing out from the rest! 

organic virgin coconut water

TIANA® Coconut Water

100% Raw Pure & Unpasteurised
  • Naturally isotonic healthy sports drink to gain vitals nutrients lost through vigorous exercise
  • Essential electrolytes and natural source of vitamins and minerals: calcium, amino acids, enzymes, magnesium, sodium
  • Boosts energy throughout the day.
Organic Coconut baking flour

TIANA® Coconut Flour

Raw, Pure & High in Fibre
  • Low carbohydrate, rich in calorie-free dietary fibre and source of protein
  • 100% defatted
  • Naturally gluten, nut and grain-free
  • Suitable for weight loss, low-carbohydrate, paleo, keto and low glycaemic and raw diets.
Pure Organic Sugar Alternative

TIANA® Coconut Nectar

Raw crystallised from coconut blossom
  • Pure organic sugar alternative
  • Richer nutritional content than any all other commercially available sugars or sweeteners
  • Suitable for restrictive sugar diet as contains 2% fructose (lowest available)
  • Naturally low glycaemic of 35, less than an apple! (GI white sugar = 68, brown sugar = 64, a mid-sized apple = 38).