TIANA Fairtrade Organics Lip Balm

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TIANA Fairtrade Organics Lip Balm contains Award-Winning Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil keeping your lips feeling soft and smooth with its highest hydrating and nourishing effects.

This Lip Balm will help reverse the effects of dry and chapped lips and can even help with the pain of cracked lips due to the anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties of UK’s No.1  TIANA Fairtrade Organics Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

With the nourishing properties of TIANA Fairtrade Organics Lip Balm which has the highest content of Lauric Acid, Antioxidants and all MCT Fatty Acids,  this Balm will ensure your lips stay wrinkle-free and make the area around your mouth seem softer and more radiant.

TIANA Fairtrade Organics Lip Balm is quickly absorbed into your lips with a moisturising and calming effect and is the perfect protection for windy weather, and a great treatment for the effects of the summer sun.

TIANA Fairtrade Organics Lip Balm will leave your lips looking soft and feeling hydrated and nourished.

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Apply to lips throughout the day and at night, as often as needed.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Contains NO GMO, chemicals, sulphates, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives, or additives.
100% Free From
100% Pure, Free from Parabens, propylene glycol, sulphates, and any other chemicals.

As an emollient, TIANA Fairtrade Organics Lip Balm helps to trap moisture, and keep your lips hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

Emollients also create a barrier on the lips, protecting your lips in all weathers and keeping them germ-free. The highest antimicrobial properties of TIANA Fairtrade Organics Lip Balm help with keeping your lips healthy and protecting against potential infections, whilst also preventing them from becoming dry or chapped.

Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.
No ingredient of animal origin, no animal testing and cruelty-free.

Why choose TIANA®?

TIANA® Fairtrade Organics has been a trusted nutrition brand since 2006, specialising in premium superfoods, food supplements and beauty. Our products have won over 100 consumer awards for quality, taste, nutrition, and product effectiveness.

Sustainable and plastic-free.

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